Integrate SCORe: Stop, Connect, Observe, Respond™

SCORe: Stop, Connect, Observe, Respond™  is RI’s education program where we offer science based, engaging and accessible mindfulness and SEL tools and programs.

The SCORe: Stop, Connect, Observe, Respond™ program, with its parent company DYC, has shared gold-standard mindfulness and SEL training with thousands of students and their teachers in renowned private schools and public school districts.

The program’s lead advisors include Meena Srinivasan and Dr. Christopher Willard. Ms. Srinivasan is the author of Teach Breathe Learn, a CASEL standards advisor, and Program Manager for Mindfulness and SEL implementation in the Oakland School District applying it to over 60 schools which have been practicing for over 6 years. The Oakland ISD was one of the first schools in the country to integrate systemic SEL programming. Dr. Willard is a lecturer on Psychiatry and Mindfulness at Harvard Medical School, author of many books including “Growing Up Mindful” , “Child’s Mind”, and “Raising Resilience”, and President of the Mindfulness in Education Network which promotes mindfulness as an antidote to the growing stress and conflict found in educational settings.

The SCORe: Stop, Connect, Observe, Respond™ program offers administration, coaching, teacher and school counselor trainings and whole-school integration.

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