RI has served numerous Fortune 100 companies and thousands of professionals supporting a healthier, happier and more efficient workplace. RI offers in-person and online staff trainings and executive coaching. Training topics include communication, technology and social media use, sales, team building and leadership.

online corporate trainings

Responsive Intelligence™ online trainings are coming soon. Please fill out the form below to be notified when they become available.  The training will feature a Responsive IQ™ assessment and access to integrating The Responsive Cycle™ into your organization.  The Responsive Cycle™ is a training that weaves RI into the fabric of a workforce.

The RI foundations training includes the definition, history and science and shares exercises to integrate RI’s three pillars of mindfulness, emotional awareness, and positive thoughts and actions into your life. This training sets you up for a more balanced and healthy life and for better connection with yourself and others. This training also begins the process of improving your ResponsiveIQ™.


  • Defining RI for self transformation
  • Establishing the importance of cultivating Responsive Intelligence for yourself and in the workplace
  • History and science of the three pillars of RI
  • Training on the three Pillars of RI, mindfulness, emotional awareness and positive thoughts and actions
  • SCORe™ introduction – this method teaches you to integrate RI into your everyday life
  • Bonus interview with Harvard lecturer on mindfulness and psychology Dr. Christopher Willard


  • Module 1 – Introduction and definition of what mindfulness is and is not
  • Module 2 – Mindful listening to others
  • Module 3 – Demonstration of the stress response in communication (the choice of fight, flight, freeze or attend and befriend)
  • Module 4 – Compassionate listening
  • Module 5 – Communicating with kindness

workplace tech

  • Defining mindfulness for social media and mobile
  • Science of constant screen use
  • Practices for finding calm with social media
  • Methods for healthier social media emotions
  • Mobile habits for less stress
  • Bonus hour with Dr. Mark Bertin on healthy social media and mobile use


Advanced RI training furthers your ability to apply these principles throughout your daily life as well as improves your ResponsiveIQ™. As you complete RI advanced training you broaden your ability to respond to life from a place of strength and awareness and to bring yourself into the world in alignment with your best self.


  • Module 1 – Definition and Science of SCORe™ Sales
  • Module 2 – SCORe Sales™ foundation and practice
  • Module 3 – SCORe Sales™ for decreased stress and focus
  • Module 4 – SCORe Sales™ for reducing cognitive bias or “happy ears”
  • Module 5 – SCORe Sales™ for connected communication

level 1

  • Responsive leadership level 1
  • Aligned decision making
  • Team building for clearer connection
  • Deep listening with empathy
  • Mindful executive communication
    level 1
  • Workplace kindness and compassion level 1

level 2

  • Responsive leadership level 2
  • Emotional preparation for complex meetings
  • Enhancing innovation with mindfulness
  • Team building with RI
  • Mindful executive communication
    level 2
  • Workplace kindness and compassion level 2

BEcome a certified ri workplace trainer

Responsive Intelligence™ also offers a certification for you to become an RI teacher and share this intelligence with your workplace or in your personal life.

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For individuals and executives. Topics: mindful leadership, relationships, social media & mobile.