RI personal integration includes foundational and advanced trainings to improve your Responsive IQ™. The foundational trainings take you through the history, science and definition of RI, and offer multiple practices to integrate it into your everyday life. The advanced training shares SCORe™ methodology for deepening your practice and extends the tools into how you relate to yourself and others. SCORe™ method was developed by RI team and stands for Stop, Connect, Observe, Respond. This is an advanced method used to practice RI in your everyday life.




Reduces stress, anxiety and worry
Improves attention and memory
Benefits social and relational skills

emotional awareness

Improves resilience
Improves relationships
Improves communication skills

positive thoughts and actions

Kindness increases the love hormone
Compassion increases happiness
Gratitude improves self-esteem

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Ri FOUNDATION trainings

The RI foundations training includes the definition, history and science and shares exercises to integrate RI’s three pillars of mindfulness, emotional awareness, and positive thoughts and actions into your life. This training sets you up for a more balanced and healthy life and for better connection with yourself and others. This training also begins the process of improving your ResponsiveIQ™.


  • Overview of the training
  • Defining RI for self transformation
  • Establishing the importance of cultivating Responsive Intelligence in one’s life and how it can benefit yourself and those around you


  • History of the three pillars of RI
  • Science of the three pillars of RI
  • Interview with Harvard lecturer and renowned author on mindfulness and psychology, Dr. Christopher Willard


  • Pillar 1 – Mindfulness: three practices for finding calm and focus
  • Pillar 2 – Emotional Awareness: three exercises for healthier connecting to ourselves and our emotions
  • Pillar 3 – Positive Thoughts and Actions: three exercises for responding positively
  • SCORe™ introduction – this method teaches you to integrate RI into your everyday life


Advanced RI training furthers your ability to apply these principles throughout your daily life as well as improves your ResponsiveIQ™. As you complete RI advanced training you broaden your ability to respond to life from a place of strength and awareness and to bring yourself into the world in alignment with your best self.

level 1

  • SCORe™ level 1 – withing this module you will learn basic present moment anchoring exercises and labeling emotions
  • You will learn practices to respond with more awareness instead to triggers or a cluttered mind
  • Level 1 lecture from Dr. Christopher Willard

level 2

  • SCORe™ level 2 – withing this module you will learn more advanced present moment anchoring exercises
  • You will learn how to become an observer of you thought stream
  • You will learn methods for consciously choosing responses, including deep listening, acts of kindness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Level 2 lecture from Dr. Christopher Willard

level 3

  • Learn how to embody RI as an integrated part of your daily life
  • Level 3 lecture from Dr. Christopher Willard

BEcome a certified ri trainer

Advanced RI training furthers your ability to apply these principles throughout your daily life as well as improves your Responsive IQ™.

Once you’ve completed fundamental and advanced trainings then you can become a certified RI trainer and learn to teach others how to achieve a better life with Responsive Intelligence™.


For individuals and executives. Topics: mindful leadership, relationships, social media & mobile.